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We believe that the American Dream should be made possible for all. Our firm is proud to bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and integrity to immigrants in the United States and abroad. Our goal is to help clients successfully move through the complicated immigration system of the United States in order to obtain legal status. We do this by taking the time to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and tailoring unique well-thought out legal strategies designed to meet each individual client's goals.

Here Is How We Do It​:

Free Initial Consultation about your Immigration Matter

In Depth Consult With Our Experienced Legal Team 

When you schedule an appointment with our firm, you will meet one-on-one with one of our experienced immigration attorneys. We will take the time necessary to review your case and offer a plan of action that best suits your goals.

Our clients are like family

Building Relationships

We take time with each client in order to help foster long lasting relationships. Each client is encouraged to participate fully in their case by consulting frequently with our attorneys. The attorneys enjoy getting to know our clients and celebrating with you when we reach a successful resolution on your case.

Winning Results

Winning Results 

Whether seeking representation in immigration court, obtaining residency or a work permit, each client’s goal is unique. Our attorneys walk step-by-step through the immigration system with each of our clients in order to obtain the desired results.

Our firm is devoted to changing the lives of all immigrants in the United States by uniting families across the nation. We are bringing dignity to hardworking people whose lives, culture, and labor are strengthening America. The most unique aspect of our firm, is the vast experience I have as a former ICE attorney, which brings internal knowledge of enforcing immigration laws and crafting immigration polices to help immigrants navigate the intricate immigration system.

Eric PriceFormer Assistant Chief Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security

Trust must be earned....

Here are the results:

Hilda Sibrian Dallas, TX

​My two young children and I fled our home country due to serious threats of violence we faced.  When we were detained at the border, I thought it was all over and that we were going to be sent back.  But the moment I met Attorney Andrew Thomas, everything changed.  We felt protected and are no longer in fear.  He represented us in court and even got me a work authorization.  I now tell people, 'Go see my attorney, he is excellent!'  Thanks to him, my children and I have a future in this country and for that I thank God everyday!

Teresa Molina Los Angeles, CA

I left El Salvador because I was threatened and extorted. Attorney Eric Price represented me in court and managed to stop my deportation. No longer was I afraid of being deported or detained by ICE. For the first time in many months, I was able to sleep peacefully.

Lizeth Perez Dallas, TX

​After receiving an Order of Deportation, I was so scared of being separated from my family.  I have a 5 year old daughter and am pregnant.  I did not know what would happen if I had to leave.  I went to several lawyers who were not able to help me.  I was ready to give up when my brother told me about this great attorney Andrew Thomas.  I came to him with only 15 days before I was scheduled to be deported and he was able to stop the deportation!  It has now been over a year and not only am I still here in the United States, but I am on my way to obtaining permanent residency.  I'm very happy, thank you so much!  I'm so blessed, God really sent me an angel.

Romulo Montoya Barrios

Byron Herrera was facing removal from the country when he came to us. Our attorneys were able to stop his deportation, get him a work permit as well as a Texas Driver’s License, and he is now free to live in the United States without the threat of deportation.

Maria Hernandez Alvarez with Attorney Eric Price

Maria Hernandez Alvarez got her work permit with the help of our experienced team of immigration lawyers.

Jose Manzano Alarcon with Attorney Eric Price

Jose Manzano Alarcon is now fully legal to live and work in the United States through the help of our attorneys.

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